this is falling-in-love weather. 

this is walking-around-the-bookstore-with-a-mocha-in-one-hand-and-a-girl’s-in-the-other weather. 

this is neil-young-heart-of-gold-all-morning weather. 

this is wet-socks-and-warm-heart weather.

this is whiskey-in-front-of-the-fire weather.

this is drive-to-the-coast-and-listen-to-the-rain-hit-the-ocean weather. 

this is plaid-shirt-and-sweater weather.

this is stay-in-bed-with-netflix-and-the-cat-all-day weather.

this is you-and-i weather.

nagatumbles asked:

Heyyy Im in Portland (my dream city, I finally got my parents to take me) for two days, what should I do? I know about voodoo and Powells but not much else

i  walked into powells this afternoon knowing exactly what i wanted and still walked out with four books an hour later. you could spend two days there without breaking a sweat. 

but walk over to ground kontrol if you need a break.