nagatumbles asked:

Heyyy Im in Portland (my dream city, I finally got my parents to take me) for two days, what should I do? I know about voodoo and Powells but not much else

i  walked into powells this afternoon knowing exactly what i wanted and still walked out with four books an hour later. you could spend two days there without breaking a sweat. 

but walk over to ground kontrol if you need a break. 

Anonymous asked:

So my mom and I are moving out to portland at the end of July because she got a new job and stuff and I'm from Northern California where people are outgoing and very open and stuff. My question is; is it hard to make friends in Portland, How are the people out there? I just don't want to go to school and people think I'm wierd, ya know? lol

i’m weird and i have friends

and like if you really need someone to talk to come off anon and we can chat i’m a human and know how to do that. moving is scary, but you’ll be okay.